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grad_snark's Journal

The Other Official Place to Snark Academic Comms
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When you care just enough to not say it to their face...
This is a community similar to anti_a_a. Said community restricts their snark to academics_anon, but some felt there was a need for a place for people to let off steam about stupid in other academic communities, like antiacademia gradschool_hell, and (most especially) gradstudents. We go where the stupid is.

Otherwise, the rules and guidelines are about the same, until you hear otherwise. The mod reserves the right to be arbitrary, grumpy, and to neglect to check the internets for days on end.

This is a closed community, designed to let our members let off steam. If you're not a member of anti_a_a and don't have any current community members on your friend list, you may want to contact a moderator about applying to membership, explaining how you came across the community and why you'd like to join. We like to keep a level of trust here, that people are able to let off steam about frustrations with particular individuals without having those frustrations relayed back to the frustrating person in question. We don't like moles or sockpuppets.